Tod A. Sedbrook   sedbrook

A C# / MVC technology evangelist with a Ux passion


Denver Crime Map

Mapping Crime statistics to google maps with Azure DocumentDb


Semantic Processing of English Text

F# and MVC to semantically process sentences.


A Rapid Mobile Voting App

Another MVC 5 project to collect Statistics on Group Voting with Smart Phones.  Summarize votes and present chart of results. Best Viewed on mobile device.


Titanic Data Analytics

Upload your predictions for survival on the titanic and we'll keep track of your results. Uses MVC 5 and MongoDB


Coffee Corner

Applying Design Patterns and MongoDb to manage coffee orders


Axure Low-Fidelity Prototype

A low fidelity prototype for user testing


REA DSL Visual Studio Extension

This Domain Specific Modeling Language (DSML) tool allows creation of business models conforming to the Resource, Event, Agent - Enterprise Ontology (REA-EO) and defines a new scheme for creating operational and policy-level domain models to guide requirements modeling. More Info
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Tableau Dashboard Design

Tableau Dashboard design for at a "glance business monitoring"


Kendo UI Product Management

A MVC application using Kendo UI components

Two Years Experience Teaching User Experience (Ux) to software engineers at the Univerity level including topics such as:

  1. Interaction Design Process
  2. The Human Mind and Usability
  3. Top Web UX Design Guidelines
  4. UX Testing
  5. Wireframing and Prototyping
certification awarded by Nielsen Norman Group a world leader in UX design and research

Some instructional videos:

  1. REA Domain Specific Language
  2. Master Detail Silverlight
  3. Visio Business Process Instruction
  4. Getting Started with MVC
  5. Data Analysis with Excel
  6. Code First Enity Framework
  7. Adding a Validation Service to a MVC project
  8. Building an ODATA data Service
  9. Introduction to Azure
  10. Microsoft Project
  11. SharePoint

University Courses Taught

  1. Statistical Analaysis
  2. Systems Analysis and Design
  3. LISP/Scheme - Object Oriented programming
  4. C++, Object Oriented Systems
  5. Java, Object Orie ted Systems
  6. C#, Object Oriented Systems
  7. Business Information Systems
  8. Business Operations Management
  9. Senior System's Project with Design Patterns
Professor of the Year - Teaching 2015

Jave Web Component Developer

Certified in current methods for analyzing, designing, developing, and deploying web applications with Java technologies

Oracle Certified

User Experience taught by Professor Sedbrook was my favorite class.

A former student

I am a TFS scrum software developer with a Ux passion.  I've taugh the next generation of software developers and systems analyst and I'm now ready to help turn -

Thoughts and Emotions into Action

Inversion of Control

A type of IOC called Dependency Injection is nothing more than a technique that enables loose coupling. IOC uses late binding late binding refers to the ability to replace parts of an application without recompiling the code.

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Adapter Pattern

The Adapter design pattern works like its physical namesake. It can be used to match two related, yet separate, interfaces to each other.

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Strategy Pattern

The Strategy Pattern to enforce Business Rules

  • Business rules: Give everyone a discount on one day of the week
  • Business rule: Regular Customers get aregular discount
  • Business rule: Students get $.25 off their order
  • Business rule: corporate customers get $.30 off if they order "veggies" otherwise they pay more $.30 more for eating unhealthy

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A No SQL and MongoDb project for the Proxy & Repository Pattern

The Proxy pattern provides a surrogate or placeholder for another object to control access to it. This project also use the repository pattern to access a mongoDB service. .

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